Volunteers and Car Donations

Medical Teams

Global Care Force needs medical volunteers to serve in El Paso, Texas, to provide compassionate care for asylum seekers and migrants at the southern border. In partnership with local shelters, volunteer teams will treat shelter guests suffering from acute and chronic illnesses after a long and treacherous journey in search of a safer life for their families.

Shelter guests are in need of medical treatment for open sores, abrasions, infections, digestive, respiratory, women’s health issues and other illnesses. We are called to care for those in need without distinction!

Volunteers are asked to serve for two-weeks, and assist with raising awareness and support for their service. If you would like to volunteer, please click the volunteer button below. You can also support Global Care Force medical teams in El Paso by donating below.


COVID-19 Notice

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Donate Your Car or Van

Global Care Force volunteers who deploy to the El Paso, Texas, border need reliable transportation for onsite use. Each donated car or van saves us thousands of dollars so we can provide free medical care and medications to those in need.

Global Care Force plans to send volunteer medical teams to the border for as long as needed. If you have a car or van you are not using or plan to sell, please consider donating it to Global Care Force. Donated vehicles help us avoid expensive rental car fees and allow volunteers to care for patients at multiple clinics and shelters.

Please contact Scott Oberkrom if you have a vehicle to donate or need more information. You can text or call Scott at 913-461-0735 or by email at [email protected].