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Upcoming Volunteers

Roxanne Jones, RN

serves in Ukraine

I am honored to lead primary care teams serving in Ukraine with our mobile medical clinics. In 2023, I will continue to lead monthly volunteer teams that provide ongoing medical care to people in need in central and southern Ukraine.

Dana Allen

Rebecca Porter, RN

is going to Ukraine

I feel called to volunteer as a nurse in Ukraine from June 13-30 because I want to support the Ukrainian people who remain resilient in the face of the Russian invasion. I have followed the news from the start of the war, and I am in awe of the strength, bravery, and solidarity of Ukrainians. I want to do my bit to help. I am an experienced nurse, and I know that I will be able to put my training and experience to good use.

David Hilmers, MD

is going to Ukraine

I have been doing medical missions in countries around the world for over 20 years. I have a special connection with Ukraine because my son was working and living in Kyiv around the time the war started. I am really looking forward to being a team member with Global Care Force and serving the Ukrainian people from June 13-30.

Doug Amis, PA

is returning to Ukraine

I was honored to serve in Ukraine in November with the primary care team, and I am ready to serve again from June 13-30. The Ukrainian people are the kindest, most beautiful people and they have suffered greatly. Global Care Force’s mobile medical clinics play a lot of catch-up with these patients who went too long without medical treatment. I’m returning because medical volunteers are needed to continue caring for the Ukrainian people.

Micaela Marker, PA

is going to Ukraine

I have long felt called to help people that find themselves suffering from unexpected circumstances. I am humbled to serve with Global Care Force from July 4-20 to restore some consistent medical care to the people in Ukraine whose lives have been completely upturned by a war they did not choose.

Nicholas Baker, PA

is going to Ukraine

I am inspired and awed by the strength of the Ukrainian people as they fight through this devastating tragedy inflicted upon them. I wanted a way to help, and have been blessed with the chance to go to Ukraine from July 4-20th with Global Care Force to provide primary medical care to people in need there.

Kristeen Ryan, RN

is going to Ukraine

My husband and I have served the Church of the Nazarene as pastors and missionaries for 40 years. Since retiring from active nursing in 2019, I have prayed about opportunities to serve internationally. I feel my experience can be useful in Ukraine, so I am ready to serve with Global Care Force from July 4-20. There could not be a more needed place to show the love of God than in Ukraine.

Eduardo Resto, RN and Amy Graf, LPN

are going to Ukraine

If we can make a difference in someone’s life, that’s good, but is that enough? How can we know if our beliefs are solid if we don’t put them to the test, and how can we see the light if we don’t look at the dark? I volunteered with the mobile medical team in Ukraine in November, and the experience was profound. I will return to serve from July 7-20 with my wife, Amy Graf. We’ve had many blessings, and it’s our way to give back. The resiliency of the Ukrainian people is inspiring, and I look forward to seeing the patients again.

Alla Kapustina, PA

is going to Ukraine

I am Alla Kapustina, a Physician Assistant currently practicing in New York. As I was born and raised in Borzna, Ukraine, participating in a medical mission during this time of conflict is extremely meaningful. I am volunteering with Global Care Force July 4-20 so I can provide much-needed care and support to those impacted by the war. I aspire to bring hope and healing to communities devastated by violence and loss.

Stephen Kineke, MD
Ann Schwanda, RN

are returning to Ukraine

Stephen and I served with Global Care Force’s mobile medical clinic in Ukraine in February and will return in October. Many of the villages where we served were devastated by Russian soldiers and left residents traumatized. The clinics are the only source of primary care and free medicines for the civilians in these locations. The faith, courage, and resilience of the Ukrainian people is inspiring and the ability to serve in this area of need is a blessing.

Angela Whaley, RN

is going to Ukraine

Ukraine has held a special place in my heart for years after visiting, and I have waited for the opportunity to return. The heartbreak and desolation the people of Ukraine have experienced over this past year are unimaginable. Their resolve and resilience are inspirational. With my skills as a nurse and my love for people, I can give back, and I am blessed to volunteer with Global Care Force from November 28 – December 15.

Dana Allen

Dana Allen, Volunteer

is going to Ukraine

I am volunteering in Ukraine in the Fall because I want to use my past medical experience to help people that do not have access to the medical care they need. I follow a lot of people online that live in Ukraine, and daily I see what they go through. For me, it is harder to see if from far away without being able to help, than making the trip there to make an impact myself. No one deserves what they are dealing with right now, and I hope it comes to a peaceful end sooner than later.

Volunteers Who Have Served

Jayme Hanrahan, RN

served in Ukraine

I am fortunate I grew up in a family that values service and helping people. I’ve worked with government and nonprofit organizations in disaster response, advocacy, fundraising, and volunteer management. Later, I went to nursing school to become an RN. The people of Ukraine are hurting and need help. I was privileged to serve with the Global Care Force mobile medical team from May 2-19 to assist communities who have lost access to basic healthcare. Please consider supporting other medical volunteers as we serve the Ukrainian people in their time of need.

Guy and Marilynn Fiocco, MD

served in Ukraine

Guy and I were humbled by the courage and strength of the Ukrainian people when we volunteered last November with Global Care Force’s mobile medical clinic. We deployed for a second time from May 2-19 to provide primary care to Ukrainians in locations where the clinic is the only opportunity for patients to receive care and free medications. We were blessed to serve the people of Ukraine.

Kristopher Kuszak, PA

served in Ukraine

I’m unbelievably blessed to have been entrusted with the gift God gave me for providing medical care to my local community. Medical missions have always intrigued me, but I’ve never had the opportunity to take part until I served with Global Care Force in Ukraine from May 2-19 providing primary medical care to those in need. It is easy to feel disconnected to the war in Ukraine since it’s thousands of miles away, especially when it seems there is no way for us to effect change. This trip with Global Care Force was a way that I could make a small but actionable difference.

Brad Yarbrough, Volunteer

served in Ukraine

The people of Ukraine desperately need help. You would personally deliver it if circumstances permitted. I am grateful that I was able to volunteer in this war-torn country from May 2-19. I’ve been to Ukraine many times over the past 15 years and had the privilege to work with businesses and government leaders who want to make positive societal changes. The people, like us, want freedom and a healthy culture in which to raise families. Many friends have now fled Ukraine, while scores of others are fighting for their national freedom. Please consider supporting future volunteers in delivering critical medical care to communities where services have been terribly disrupted. Global Care Force volunteers represent you and your love to Ukrainians. They need to know that we care.

Wesley Clark, MD

served in Ukraine

 I volunteered with Global Care Force from May 2-19 because like many of us not directly affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I felt strongly that I want to do something to help. Somewhere deep down inside, I do believe in human progress, and I really thought that this – the invasion of a small country by a big one for the purposes of territorial conquest – was a thing of the past. The Ukrainians are, with great bravery, saying “this is no longer acceptable,” and we who agree with them need to help them say it. My most useful skills are medical; it is with those skills that I can be most helpful, and it is those skills I want to offer.

Peter Stefanski, MD

served in Ukraine

Since the war in Ukraine began, I’ve been impressed by the courage and resolve of the Ukrainian people. That’s why I volunteered with Global Care Force’s mobile medical clinic from April 11-29. I am inspired by the Ukrainian people.

Carlyn Coates, PA

served in Ukraine

Medicine has always called to me as a way to serve others. I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of those around the world, but I often feel too small or insignificant to make actual changes or impact. I volunteered in Ukraine from April 11-28 to serve those in crisis and give back a little of what has been given to me and be a force for good in a time of darkness.

Svetlana Reznikova, Physician

served in Ukraine

Having been born and raised in Ukraine, this war is especially difficult to watch from afar. I volunteered with Global Care Force from April 11-28 in the mobile clinics, caring for those in need and who’ve had a hard time accessing medical care. It was an honor to work alongside other volunteers doing the same.

Kristina Shaffer-Zard, RN

served in Ukraine

Like all of us, I was heartbroken watching the devastating and unfortunate events unfold in Ukraine. I have dedicated my entire career to easing the burden of my suffering patients, and a situation like this called to my heart. I want to help where I can, heal those in need, and more than anything provide comfort, compassion and humanity to those living through the trauma of the past year. That’s why I served with Global Care Force from April 11-28, providing medical relief, in hope to make a positive impact during such a catastrophic time.

Zachary Bair, DO

served in Ukraine

As an Emergency Physician, I have dedicated my life to helping others. The feeling of being useful and of knowing I helped someone in their time of need motivates me every day. Like the rest of the world, I was horrified watching the war in Ukraine unfold. I knew I wanted to help in any way possible. I was honored to volunteer in Ukraine from April 11-27 with Global Care Force’s mobile clinic team. Please consider donating to GCF to help support these incredibly important missions.

Anthony Albrecht, ER Assistant

served in Ukraine

I believe every person deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of their circumstances. That’s why I volunteered in Ukraine April 11-28 with Global Care Force. I want to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. I chose Global Care Force’s Primary Care Team because I knew volunteering in Ukraine would allow me to gain valuable experience and personal growth (ahead of PA school this June), to make a positive difference in the world. FTK (For the Kids)!

David Morgan Peterson, PA

served in Ukraine

I prayed for a way to be of help in Ukraine, then Global Care Force opened a door that I am ready to walk through! I joined a mobile medical team from March 7 – 24 to provide primary and urgent care to Ukrainians impacted by the war. I hate the war and the pain that it brings. I hope I made a difference by being part of this team.

James Marcum, PA

served in Ukraine

I’ve always told my kids to treat others well and to have no regrets on what you should have done. I am at the stage in my career where I felt I needed to do more rather than sit on the sidelines and watch what is going on in Ukraine. I knew if I didn’t do something now and take this opportunity to serve, I would regret it. I could have donated money, but I have a skill that I can offer to help others who are seeing their country slowly being destroyed. That’s why I volunteered with the mobile medical team from March 7-24.

Toni Magalei, RN

served in Ukraine

I graduated from nursing school at the start of the pandemic. Before starting my career, I had the opportunity to volunteer in the Chickasaw Nation with COVID Care Force (now Global Care Force). It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Now as a “seasoned” nurse, I am ready to expand and serve communities beyond my own, which is why I volunteered in Ukraine from March 7-24. I’ve been blessed in this life, and I strongly desire to dedicate my life to bridging the gap in health disparities in the world.

Merrill Conant, MD

served in Ukraine

When I heard about Global Care Force and their work helping people with medical needs in dramatically underserved locations, my heart told me I needed to get involved. On further investigation, my head told me that I do have something to offer, my medical skills, and the time is right. That is why I am went to Ukraine March 7-24 with a Primary Care Team to provide medical care and support to people in need.

Aaron Mishler, RN

served in Ukraine

I’ve always believed in what I call “fighting the good fight,” helping those who need help and trying to repair what’s broken in the world. That’s why I went to Ukraine February 7-24, 2023 to serve with a primary care team. The people in Ukraine need help, and I would feel terrible if one day my daughter asked me why those people are suffering, and I could only say that I could have helped but chose not to, so I raised my hand to go. But most importantly, it was the right thing to do.

Michelle Whitford, MD

served in Ukraine

I first heard of Global Care Force early in the pandemic as Native American reservations were flooded with cases and they came recommended by colleagues. I served with them in Ukraine from February 7-24 and hopefully provided a little light and compassion, contributing whatever I could.

Michelle Martinez-Torrez, PA

served in Ukraine

It was an honor to serve our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who have endured so much in the last year and have needs beyond our imagination. As I served in Ukraine from February 7-24, I prayed for God to give me courage, knowledge, and strength, and to provide the resources needed to care for Ukrainians who have endured much in the last year. I am grateful for the opportunity to expand God’s love while helping bring medical relief in Ukraine. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Monte Schmidt, Volunteer

served in Ukraine

Immediately upon hearing an interview with a Ukrainian Nazarene Pastor at the beginning of the war, I felt called to go and help. My wife and I volunteered twice in 2022 in Przemysl, Poland, at the Ukrainian border. I served in Ukraine with Global Care Force February 7-24. Global Care Force is an ideal way to make a positive impact on the people of Ukraine.

Richard Patnoe, Volunteer

served in Ukraine

I want to be helpful to others suffering hardship, trauma and deprivation. That is why I will volunteered with Global Care Force in Ukraine from February 7-24. It was my way to pay back to those less fortunate since I’ve had a good home, good parents, and an appreciative family.

Josh Wallbrecht, MD

served in Ukraine

I served with the mobile medical team in Ukraine in December. Global Care Force provided an opportunity to serve the medical needs of the Ukrainian people, who have weighed heavy on my heart since the war began. Please consider supporting future volunteers serving in Ukraine.

Ryan Butler, DO

served in Ukraine

My volunteer service in Ukraine was an amazing opportunity. I served 17 days in December with the mobile medical teams. We helped hundreds of people who are likely going through the worst experience of their lives. Despite this, Ukrainians have been overwhelmingly hospitable and grateful for our help. They are resilient and determined people. Please consider supporting future volunteers to continue caring for the Ukrainian people.

Sonia Santana, Medical Assistant

served in Ukraine

In December, I served in Ukraine with the primary care team because I wanted to try and make a difference in someone’s life. The faces of words and gratitude amid the tragedy and destruction will remain engraved in my memory forever. Please consider supporting future volunteers in Ukraine.

Cath Glennon, RN

served in Ukraine

I became a nurse because I have a heart for caring for those in need. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching what was happening in Ukraine, I decided to volunteer with the primary care team in December. I urge you to please consider supporting future volunteers serving in Ukraine.

Jodi Cook, Surgical Technologist

served in Rosarito, Mexico

I feel God sent me to care for the elderly men in Rosarito. I traveled to Mexico in November to serve as a caregiver for these sweet men. I love working alongside the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity to provide wound care, physical therapy, administer medications, and anything else they need help with so these men know they are loved and respected. Please consider supporting future volunteers to Rosarito.

Ginny Gregory, NP

served in Ukraine

I was truly blessed to serve the people of Ukraine whose healthcare system had been disrupted by the war. I served with a primary care team in October and I hope in some small way made someone feel less afraid and not forgotten. Please consider supporting future volunteers to Ukraine.

Kirsten Larson, RN

served in Ukraine

As a nurse, I feel called to help those in need – to make someone’s bad day a little better. In October, I served in Ukraine with a primary care team. Serving the Ukrainian people whose lives have been so profoundly disrupted was a humbling experience. They continue to need our help. Please consider supporting future volunteers to Ukraine.

Stuart Richards, PA

served in Ukraine

I have spent my whole life helping others both as a civilian and in the government. I volunteered in Ukraine in October because I believe the work Global Care Force and others do is critically important both on a humanitarian front and also on a diplomatic front. Please consider supporting future volunteers to Ukraine.

Robert Winokur, MD

served in Ukraine

The need is obvious for the citizens of Ukraine, which is why I served in October with a primary care team. It was a privilege and an honor to serve those in need and provide much needed care and comfort to the Ukrainian people. Please consider supporting future volunteers to Ukraine.


Patrick Jordan, GP

served in Ukraine

My heart is in medical missions, and going where the need is great. That is why I served in Ukraine in October with Global Care Force providing primary care to Ukrainians who remain in the country they love so dearly. Please consider supporting future volunteers to Ukraine.


Andrew Villa, MD and Renee Villa

served in Ukraine

Andrew and I served on a primary and urgent care team in Ukraine from September 10-25. Andrew and I had a deep desire to go and serve those enduring the effects of the war and those bravely defending their country. Global

Care Force provided the unique opportunity to serve Ukrainians in more rural areas with less access to necessities and medical care, and also to assist local contacts with the work they are doing.

Stephen Kineke, MD

served in Ukraine

I deployed with the first Global Care Force primary and urgent care team in Ukraine from September 10-25. What is happening in Ukraine is heartbreaking and I felt the need to help. I will be returning with a team in February 2023.


Rebecca Reeser

served in Ukraine

I went back to school and embraced a second career in nursing so I could do medical missions. I deployed to Ukraine from September 10-25 where my hope was to be the hands and feet of Jesus and care for the Ukrainian people to they know they are not forgotten.


Sergiy Dzyba

Ukrainian host

Pastor Sergiy Dzyba serves as the in-country host for the Global Care Force primary care teams in Ukraine. Sergiy organizes the mobile medical clinic locations and coordinates logistics such as food, lodging, transportation, and translator services. He provides spiritual care, food, and welfare checks for Ukrainians unable to evacuate from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Donations to Pastor Dzyba cover his expenses in support of Global Care Force volunteers.


What is “Connect to Care”?

“Connect to Care” is a hub for people to donate to a volunteer raising funds to cover the expenses of their volunteer service, helping them have a successful volunteer experience!

How are the fundraising goals calculated?

Fundraising goals are projected costs associated with the volunteer service, including travel, lodging, meals, and administrative services.

Who does my donation support?

Donations can be directed to individuals fundraising for a volunteer service or as an unrestricted gift to Global Care Force in support of any volunteer service in under-resourced communities.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Global Care Force is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Ready to volunteer?

GCF is seeking qualified medical volunteers to respond and care for displaced Ukrainians. Volunteers must be fluent in Ukrainian and/or Russian and able to volunteer for 14 days or more.