Faces of the Force

Global Care Force volunteers are special people who know the joy and fulfillment of serving others. Our volunteers are the “Faces of the Force.” Read their stories, and find out what it’s like! Are you ready to be a Face of the Force?

Dr. Jim Pettey

Dr. Jim Pettey believes volunteering allows you to explore your own basic humanity and touch the humanity of others. For decades he has volunteered in developing countries where basic human needs, like clean water, are difficult to come by, and medical care is even more inaccessible. He recently traveled to Ukraine with Global Care Force Founder, Dr. Gary Morsch, to assess the medical needs of the Ukrainian people due to the war.

Ewa Boguszewska

Like many of us, Ewa Boguszewska felt lost at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, wondering how she could help. She prayed and asked how she could be involved. Then she learned about Global Care Force. Read more of Ewa’s story.

Jodi Cook

Volunteering helped Jodi Cook grow as a person. “I learned life isn’t just about me and what I want,” said Jodi. “My life is now about what I can give to another person to make their life a little better.” Jodi returns to Mexico several times a year to care for elderly men, who have become her extended family.

Don Dunning

Don Dunning heard about GCF from his church pastor. Intrigued, he signed up to serve at a soup kitchen and shelter in Gallup, New Mexico. The experience made a big impact on his life. “It has been a reaffirmation of my faith and the need for serving those in need.”

John Luke Nawar

“The Navajo Nation are very proud people who value their heritage, culture, family, and community. Their sense of gratitude and how they welcomed me into their community was fantastic.” John Luke Nawar has volunteered several times with GCF, including twice in the Navajo Nation.