Update # 4: Przemysl, Poland
Brenda Poor
We’ve arrived near the Polish/Ukraine border, at Przemysl. We met tonight at “The Hub,” which is a storefront property near the train station that members of Poland and Ukraine’s Church of the Nazarene have set up, under the leadership of missionaries Jay and Teanna Sunberg. It serves as a center for volunteers who are serving Ukrainian refugees.

The Hub is led by a wonderful volunteer couple, Carl and Ronda Windrel, who I’ve known for years. They and their staff cooked a terrific dinner of Borscht, the famous Ukrainian beet soup.

Pastor Rafi, from Warsaw, met us at The Hub with our 6 suitcases of wound vacs, medicines, and body armor, which he had transported to Przemysl.

I also met up tonight with Bob Skinner, former missionary to Ukraine and Poland, and Dr. Jim Petty, an orthopedist who has served with Global Care Force in the Navajo Nation. The three of us will be traveling to Kyiv by train tomorrow representing Global Care Force.

We were also so happy to see the District Superintendent of Ukraine, Pastor Volodymir Masyuk and his wife, Sylvia. They were very involved in Heart to Heart’s airlift to Crimea in 1995, and have played a significant role in Global Care Force’s mission to Ukraine.

Our critically needed supplies will be transported to Kyiv by André Taxtai, who is leading the church’s Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) response to this unfolding disaster. One of the bullet-proof vests is for him, as he delivers supplies to people in need. He is being assisted by Sergei Orluik and Sergei Dzyba, both from Kyiv.

I am so grateful to NCM for connecting us to Dr. Lev and Dr. Maksym Pristypiuk in Kyiv. NCM helped launch COVID Care Force two years ago with a generous grant. As we transition to Global Care Force, we appreciate the partnership we have with them!