Ewa Boguszewska

Like many of us, Faces of Force volunteer Ewa Boguszewska felt lost at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, wondering how she could help. She wanted to support her Ukrainian friends and kept praying and asking what her place was and how she could be involved. When she heard from friends that Dr. Debbi McCullock, Global Care Force Director of Operations, needed a volunteer to help with translation and transportation for her trip to Poland, she knew she found her answer.

Ewa lives in Poznań, Poland, and is a painter who creates big scale canvases touching on the subject of light and darkness. She also helps missionary groups, like the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, working in Poland.

As a volunteer with Global Care Force, Ewa introduced Debbi to Polish friends and organizations helping displaced Ukrainians. She guided Debbi through the Polish culture, country and language as they traveled through Poland to Warsaw, Przemyśl and the Medyka/Shehyni, Ukraine border.

Ewa and Debbi had the opportunity to meet and help some of the refugees at the train station and border crossing. Ewa said they did simple things, “like carrying bags and a cat through the border, getting a new bag when the old one broke, helping to find transportation to Lviv, or simply giving refugees their attention and a hug.”

Her first time volunteering with GCF, Ewa became an invaluable part of the team. “Ewa helped me navigate many conversations and fearlessly walked into the unknown with me,” said Global Care Force Director of Operations Debbi McCullock. “It was a serendipitous gift that our paths would cross, and she would help us to accomplish this mission.”

Reflecting on her volunteer experience with GCF and the refugees at the train stations and border crossing, Ewa wrote: “I saw strength, great will to survive, kindness & generosity, hospitality,relief, reunion and joy.”

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