Elizabeth Vargas

You are the Volunteer Coordinator for GCF in El Paso. Tell us what that involves.

The responsibilities that a volunteer coordinator has is to create an organized system that connects volunteers with operations to help and take care of people in need.

Elizabeth Vargas pictured left with volunteer Jewel Madea

What is the need at the southern border currently?

Currently there is an immigration crisis in the Southern border, citizens from foreign countries from central and south America are coming to the states to seek asylum and aid. Most of these people cross with critical health conditions caused by their long journey traveling countries, they all come by foot and by train.

How did you get involved with Global Care Force?

I started as a volunteer with my dad, a Mexican pastor, feeding immigrants who are homeless. Global health care representatives came to check the emergency crisis in the border and contacted me to become part of their alliance.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background? Where are you from?

I was born in Juarez, Mexico but was raised in El Paso, I am very familiar with the border. Since I was a teenager, I participated with my dad in helping my communities on both sides of the border. I am always seeking to help vulnerable people.

How did you get involved in working with the asylum seekers and migrants at the southern border?

I became involved because it touched my heart the fact that I saw complete families, sleeping and eating in the streets with no official place to rest.

You had a fantastic first team of volunteers in El Paso recently. Tell us about some of the patients that Guy, Marilynn, and Victor saw and the kind of treatment they were able to provide.

We had our first team of volunteers and most of the first patients that we saw were women and children with fever, injuries, and sickness. Some were pregnant and children had very unstable health conditions. Doctors provided over the counter medications, this became accessible by GCF donors, these medications accelerated their healing process and boosted their health.

The crisis at the border triggers strong opinions about immigration. Global Care Force does not take a political stance on immigration but strongly believes we are to serve without distinction. Why is this so important?

When it comes to helping people in need, status, gender, or ethnicity does not matter. What mostly matters in these situations is in their health and wellbeing needs. We are reminded that they are humans and have inalienable rights.

If someone is considering volunteering with Global Care Force in El Paso, or other locations, what would you want them to know?

As a volunteer you’re required to serve with no distinctions. Your status and origin are no limits to helping people in need. You need to have a great focus in helping people and not judging people. Awareness also plays a big role in this job, even the small details will bring a big impact to everyone.

Global Care Force firmly believes that volunteering can be a transformative experience. Would you agree?

I firmly believe this statement. Since the beginning I was able to experience two things, firstly, personally I saw that GCF was able to alleviate their body because of their health but also their soul was healed. Their soul was alleviated because they were brought hope, peace, and security to know that someone was caring deeply for them without caring for their status or ethnicity. Secondly, I gained good knowledge. I never imagined that I would ever do a job like this, now that I have seen this face to face it taught me how to treat people better, because you don’t know what they are struggling with. It brought experience and knowledge in learning how to listen and approach their current situation.

Anything else about your experience with GCF you would like to share?

GCF gave me the great opportunity to help, now I feel very thankful and fortunate to be part of a community that worries for the wellness of people in need that were once in unsafe.

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