Jodi Cook

Jodi Cook is blessed with two families. One in Kansas City with her husband Scott and their three children, and one in Mexico, with the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity and the men they care for.

The men in Mexico have captured Jodi’s heart. “I feel God sent me to care for these men, and this is something I’m supposed to do,” Jodi said. “I keep going back because of the things I learn from these people, the love I see in their eyes every time I come back and the sadness I feel when leaving. They are all super sweet men and have become my extended family.”

Jodi, a certified Surgical Technologist, supports the Sisters by providing wound care, physical therapy, administering medications, monitoring blood pressures, serving meals, and anything else the Sisters need. She firmly believes that regardless of skin color, gender, age, or economic status, everyone’s life is important and deserves to be treated with dignity.

She marvels at the Sisters’ dedication to care for the less fortunate, how hard they work, and their self-reliance, like when a water line broke during one of her visits. “They don’t have the luxury to just pick up the phone and call a plumber,” she said. “I watched several of the Sisters, dressed in full habits, climb down in a large hole and take bucket after bucket of water out. Not once did they complain. They prayed and even laughed a lot, and got to work and fixed the broken water line themselves.”

Volunteering helped Jodi grow as a person. Things she used to worry about are no longer a big deal. “I learned life isn’t just about me and what I want,” she said. “My life is now about what I can give to another person to make their life a little better.”

Jodi began volunteering after a local news station interviewed Dr. Morsch, and has now volunteered a dozen times. She’s grateful to CCF/GCF for allowing her to serve in disadvantaged communities to care for those in need. “Global Care Force is stuck with me now,” Jodi joked. “I will always be available to volunteer and assist wherever and whenever I am needed. CCF/GCF introduced and opened my eyes to a new way of living, maybe the way I was supposed to always live.”

She has a warning for others considering volunteering with GCF. “I would tell them to do it and brace themselves for the changes, for the better, they will see in their own lives!

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