Global Care Force volunteer doctors treat residents in liberated territories

February 2, 2023

Дитина, що боїться засинати, та побитий пенсіонер: наслідки окупації, що побачили лікарі Global Care Force у Снігурівці (

A child who is afraid to fall asleep and a beaten pensioner: the consequences of the occupation, as seen by Global Care Force doctors in Snigurivka. Last week, doctors of the American volunteer mission Global Care Force visited Snigurivka and Yevgenivka Mykolaivska

They shared their impressions with the correspondent. 

The mission included both American specialists – two family doctors, a psychiatrist, and Ukrainian specialists – an endocrinologist and a surgeon.

Also among the volunteers who came to the liberated territories of the Mykolaiv region were junior medical personnel: nurses, paramedics, pharmacists.

Doctors received more than 100 people, provided all necessary medical assistance. All those who applied were given free of charge medication as prescribed for the entire course of treatment.

Speaking about the complaints made by the residents, the doctors note that basically all of them had hypertonic disease at various stages, untreated, in a neglected state.

The doctors of the mission came to the conclusion that all residents need psychological support and rehabilitation. Many women who buried their husbands and children asked for help.

They also brought a 10-year-old girl to the appointment, who does not sleep – the child is simply afraid to fall asleep. It turned out that the child and his family lived in the basement for 8 months of the occupation.

Another resident said that due to repeated beatings by Russian servicemen, he has health problems, in particular, he cannot close his eyes.

Residents did not have access to medical care or medicine during the occupation. The surgeon turned out to be the most valuable of the doctors, since there is currently no such specialist in the district hospital.

Medical specialists also assessed the consequences of the presence of Russian servicemen in this area.

For example, after the departure of the occupiers, it turned out that all the furniture, including chairs, had disappeared in the local FAP of the village of Yegenivka, so the doctors of the mission conducted a standing reception. And the Russians simply dismantled the ambulance for spare parts.

In a month, the Global Care Force mission plans to visit Snigurivka again – volunteer doctors have decided to take over this settlement.

It will be recalled that the volunteer doctors of the American volunteer project Global Care Force were amazed by the scale of destruction in Snigurivka.