John Luke Nawar

“I would tell them, do not hesitate to embark on a journey where you will build lifelong relationships and change your life!” That’s what John Luke Nawar would say to others interested in volunteering with Global Care Force.

He began volunteering with the Force after meeting Dr. Gary Morsch several years ago. Dr. Morsch spoke at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio about transforming your life by serving others, and soon became a friend, mentor, and father figure to John Luke.

Born in Egypt and raised in the United States, John Luke trained as a Combat Medic in the Air Force and used that training while volunteering with COVID Care Force, now Global Care Force.

He’s volunteered twice with the Force. In 2020, he served in Gallup, New Mexico, in the Navajo Nation for two weeks. As part of a team staffing a drive-thru clinic, he took patient history information, did Nasal Swab Testing for COVID-19, and transported specimens to the lab. He sometimes drove Team Members to and from the Hospital or Clinic, which was another opportunity to serve. All focused on the common goal of stopping the spread of COVID in the Navajo Nation, the team became like family.

John Luke shared, “It was an outstanding experience. The Navajo Nation are a very proud people, who value their heritage, culture, family, and community very much. Their sense of gratitude and how they welcomed me into their community was fantastic.”

Last November, he served with the Sisters of Missionaries of Charity in Rosarito, Mexico, caring for older men experiencing homelessness and sickness. John Luke said being among the Sisters was a truly humbling experience. He observed that the Sisters were extremely resourceful and have big hearts serving those forgotten by others. They have a tremendous amount of love for others who are in the toughest of life circumstances and are Laser Focused on serving them with an unconditional Godly Love.”

The Abuelos or Grandfathers, as they are commonly referred to, living at the facility don’t have families and rely on the Sisters and GCF volunteers to care for them. The men are gentle, their hearts are sweet, and they have grown close like brothers, John Luke shared. “They look out for one another, helping each other walk to chapel every day for mass. Like the military, no man gets left behind.”

John Luke currently works in a Support Role with a Group of Interventional Cardiologists and is in the process of returning to Medical School. He and his wife Cindy, along with their three orange cats, live in Indiana most of the time and Ohio some of the time.

The major impetus that drives him to volunteer is his faith and passion for service. “Don’t hesitate to serve your fellow man. Serving your fellow-man, it’s an unspeakably rewarding feeling and provides one with a tremendous sense of value and meaning in life. Life is too short not to volunteer.

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