Health International KU Sponsors Global Care Force Volunteers

HiKu is joining forces with Global Care Force to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. At the start of the war, Global Care Force volunteers delivered medicines, medical supplies, and negative pressure wound therapy systems to doctors and hospitals. Currently, medical volunteers provide primary care to residents in nine communities in central and southern Ukraine with a mobile medical clinic. For many, Global Care Force is the ONLY source of medical care! Patients are grateful to know doctors and nurses will return regularly to care for them and provide free medications.

Ukrainians suffer from PTSD, stress, anxiety, or depression due to the war. Global Care Force’s Community Trauma Counseling program provides counselors the tools and resources necessary to help with the coping and healing process.


Your donation to the HiKU fundraiser, facilitated by Lianna Shoikhet, brings hope and care to Ukrainians during this difficult time. Global Care Force thanks you for your support!